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100% natural cold-pressed artisanal oil helps to promote elasticity and deeply nourish skin and hair. Its non-greasy formula is easily absorbed for maximum results.

A natural, one-ingredient product from South Africa’s Klein Karoo.

It’s great for all skin types:

As a natural product with no additives, our apricot kernel oil is great for those with sensitive skin. This 100% natural oil also works well for all skin types. While many oil-based skincare products can lead to blocked pores or irritated skin, Opzoek Apricot Kernel Oil has non-comedogenic properties, making it the perfect product added to your daily skincare routine. 

It promotes slow-ageing:

Our natural apricot kernel oil is high in Vitamin E, which helps to improve skin tone and promote elasticity by protecting cells from free radical damage from environmental pollution.

It combats dryness and skin issues:

Struggling with eczema or dry skin on your face? This natural oil helps to protect the skin’s moisture barrier and is the perfect dry skin treatment for those with sensitive skins, as it contains no nasty fragrances or additives. 

It also works wonders as a cellulite treatment by percolating deep into the skin and its fatty acids act as a non-greasy emollient to nourish and restore affected skin areas. 

It’s a good hair treatment for dry hair:

Have you got dry or damaged hair?

Apricot seed oil also has oleic acid, which is an emollient that improves brittle hair texture and a dry itchy scalp. It moisturises hair roots, while increasing hydration levels and reducing dryness. 

For the best dry hair treatment, the oil should be applied to the whole length of your hair and left on overnight and washed the next morning. It can also be mixed into your favourite hair mask treatment or conditioner for added softness. 

Opzoek Apricot Kernel Oil 100 ml

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